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Inspiring Girls Expeditions

Grant recipient of $5,000 - 2016 and 2017 | Co-funded by 500 Women Scientists

About Inspiring Girls Expeditions

Inspiring Girls Expeditions offers tuition-free wilderness science expeditions that challenge high school girls intellectually and physically, while cultivating leadership skills. From mountaineering and snow science on Mt. Baker in Washington State to glacier exploration in the Alaska Range, programs bring together a diverse and inclusive group of young women who hail from communities underrepresented in both science and the outdoors. These once-in-a-lifetime experiences foster confidence, leadership, and openness to new ideas – all in some of our most majestic northern mountains.

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"Our goal is to not only show young women what they are truly capable of, but also to open their eyes to observing and interacting with our world - the landscapes and the people - in new ways."

- Erin Pettit, Inspiring Girls Expeditions


Support from The Cairn Project will provide continuing support to the Girls on Icy Fjords expedition and seed support for a new Girls on Water program, planned to be launched from Homer, Alaska. In both cases, funding will help to strengthen art and mentoring/leadership training portions of each program. These tuition-free expeditions give young women the chance to explore one landscape, with the goal of understanding it from the interdisciplinary and interwoven perspectives of geology, biology, ecology, physics, art, and wilderness travel, with an eye on how the landscape changes and evolves on an hour-to-hour and day-to-day timescale.


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