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San Juan Mountain S.O.L.E.S.

Grant recipient of $5,000

About San Juan Mountain S.O.L.E.S.

San Juan Mountain SOLES inspires young women to lead healthy, fulfilling lives rooted in big mountains, confident leadership, and authentic community engagement. SOLES’ annual program begins with a 7 day backpacking trip for the year’s cohort of “Sisters,” and continues with a year-round program of outdoor adventure, community service, and leadership development. After graduating, many SOLE Sisters return as peer mentors for the next year’s cohort.


“There is something in connecting people to place, experiencing it in groups, and having an immersive element."

- Rachel Landis, co-founder, San Juan Mountain SOLES


Support from The Cairn Project will bring one of SOLES’ biggest dreams to fruition: a whitewater rafting and service trip in spring 2017 for this year’s SOLES cohort. SOLES will organize this five day adventure in collaboration with the Bureau of Land Management, offering the group a chance to reflect on and synthesize all they’ve learned during the year on the value of adventuring in wild places, of building strong community, and of having a strong sense of self-worth. Funding will also support SOLES’ organizational development.


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